Costume Selling Directions


SEND PHOTO of costume for approval before shipping.

Let me help you sell your
Dance Costumes!
Place your costumes into consignment with me today!!!
I do not pre buy costumes...sorry!

Once listed.....your costume stays listed!
No listing fees!

Advertising your listings on in my Act2 site, CostumeSwap, Facebook, Twitter and Web Albums!

email me at: 

Studios in the Chicago can set up a
Studio PICK UP!


Selling is easy as 1,2,3......

1. Decide which costumes you would like to sell.
 2.  Tag with information requested below.
3.  Ship to me/Set up local pick up.

Then sit back and wait for it to sell...... 

1. To Sell: 

Send Photo of costume for approval before shipping.
Custom Made Costumes and Cataloge Costumes that are rhinestoned 
in good/excellent condition sell best!
Jazz, Lyrical, Open are best sellers. 
Ballet and Hip Hop are very hard to sell so are no longer being excepted.  

Clear out your closets and get them ready to send to me.
Gather up all of the pieces. Place the costume & accessories into a ziplock bag with the "Tag info" inside the bag.  This will keep everything together and keep it dry during shipping. Thanks!

2. Tag your Items:
Keep it simple.  Many people use address labels on notecards then add in the other info.  Also, think about using your computer to set up the address block then write in the other info.  Have your dancer help you with the names of the songs.  I know I do!
Make sure EACH costume has
Name, address, phone, email address & studio name and size.
 Price you paid
Name of song (if you can remember). 

Custom Made-  Dancers street size they were when the costume was made for them.
PLEASE include cup size (A,B,C,D) if includes built in bra)

If cataloge costume sizing tag is missing then please follow Custom Made costume sizing directions!

3. Ship it to me!
Pam Rancour
         PO Box 112            
           South Elgin, IL 60177

I like to ship USPS.  United States Postal Service for small shipments and UPS for larger shipments.  Check out rates with both.

Delivery Confirmation Tracking
(not signature required, just tracking) is REALLY required! 

Insurance is optional but recommended.

This is to protect your items from issues with the USPS.  I am not responsible for your items while they are in the mail system prior to getting to me.  Insurance will protect them if lost or damaged.  I ask my sellers to place all of the costumes into a plastic kitchen bag prior to placing in shipping box to protect while being shipped.  I have never had anyone have a problem but I don't want yours to be the first!

Email me the tracking number so I can keep an eye on it. 

 Listing Price: 

I like to list costumes for 55-75% of what you paid for it.  Condition of the costume will determine listing price.  Listing price is per your approval so if you want it higher/lower that is up to you!  I will contact you to confirm price. Remember:  Reasonably priced costumes sell faster!!


20% of the selling price point

As of 3/2011 my minimum commission on any sale will be $15.00.  Thanks!
What do I do for my commission?

I list on

I advertise my site on the World Wide Web,, CostumeSwap
 Facebook and Twitter.

I take several photos of your costume to show it off best!  Listing descriptions are detailed so buyers can make an informed decision quickly.  I store your costumes in a dry, safe, smoke-free place in my home.

I communicate via DROID/email with buyers to respond to buying requests quickly to increase sales.  I ship costumes within ONE day of receiving cleared payment from buyers to insure buyer satisfaction.  I offer a 7 day return to buyers.  I communicate with you, the consignor, to the status of your sale progress.  Profit checks of sold items (after 7 day return) are mailed on the first and third Friday of the month to sellers.  

Customer ID:
You will be assigned a customer ID which will be attached to all of your costumes for identification.

What if my costume does not sell this year?
Once your costume is listed it stays listed on my site.

Change your mind?  
There is no problem if you would like your costume back.  Because of the large amount of work that goes into removing costumes from all of my selling sites
 I will not be processing returns durning the selling season Spetember - June.  Please give me two weeks to process the request.  Return shipping is paid by you, the consignor prior to shipping back to you. Thank you!

Sale Authorization

Investing on costumes over the years is a BIG investment for parents.  If you are under the age of 21.....I requests that you print out this  page and have them sign it and send along with your costumes.  Thank you!

Parent Authorization

I understand that my dancer has contacted Act2DanceCostumes to help sell costumes.  I have read the terms and give consent for my dancer to sell her/his costumes with Act2DanceCostumes.

Parent Signature:________________________



I look forward to helping you with your selling needs.
Contact me today to get started!

Thanks,  Pam Rancour                       

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